[MonoDevelop] MD architecture changes

Jose Cornado Jose Cornado <jose.cornado@gmail.com>
Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:32:45 -0600


I am trying to install mono + monodevelop from sources on my FC 3. I
am following this:


My FC3 was installed as a "Workstation" (development packages + admin
tools). I added svn. ***nothing else has been done to the distro****

I am following the *order* that this page suggests.

Everything goes well until I tried to install gecko-sharp.

I got the sources and the patch from Debian and aplplied the patch:
"patch -p0 < ...."

Configure fails with the following message: gtk-sharp package was not found=

According to the order suggested gtk-sharp should come later.

I decided to go ahead and get gtk-sharp from svn.

"autogen.sh --prefix=3D/usr" for gtk-sharp goes well but
***gnome-sharp.dll*** is not included.

At this pont, I did not want to continue because gnome-sharp.dll is
needed later.

The FC3 libgnome packages (2.80.XXX) are installed.

Where am i missing the step?

Any help would be highly appreciated!!