[MonoDevelop] Gtk or Winforms?

Jose Cornado Jose Cornado <jose.cornado@gmail.com>
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:14:46 -0600


I wanted to ask you whichof these two should come first in our
MonoDevelop efforts.

We have what we call a "universal testing engine" : it is language and
device independent. It combines the functionality of J/Nunit and say
WinRunner or QA Partner but without the clumsiness and drawbacks of
any of them.

Our .Net product works in VS Studio and obviously supports WinForms.

We are in the process of adding MonoDevelop to the mix.

In mono on the other hand, we could target Gtk or WinForms.=20

In your opinion, which should we target first: Gtk or WinForms?

Thanks a lot for you input,