[MonoDevelop] Some ideas about Monodevelop

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Dec 27 17:06:03 EST 2005

Hi Hemant,

Thanks for your ideas. Some comments inline:

> Been working with Monodevelop and AddIns since last few days and i
> liked the architecture. I have some random thoughts about improving
> the general look and feel of the editor:
>       * All the buttons and toolbar should be compact and small, so
>         that they take less screen space.

We are using standard GNOME toolbars, so there isn't much we can do. 

>       * The space between, various widgets should be decrased, i see
>         plenty of space between solution pad and the editor.

I this particular case of the solution pad and the editor, honestly, I
don't see that 'plenty' of space. In general we try to follow the GNOME

>       * As Mono and Monodevelop are more like a platform, we should
>         seperate them from the underlying Desktop(Gnome). When i use
>         Monodevelop under KDE, the icons of files and folders would be
>         missing. Ok, this is kind of impossible, but yet just a wish.
>       * There is no search,backward,forward capability while browsing
>         the help manuals. Monodoc is hardly stable, the
>         docbrowser(desktop version of monodoc) crashes now and then.
>         Frankly, i feel really frustrated when i browse through manual
>         pages and finally i end up with the web version.

I use monodoc and it doesn't crash so often to me. Please file bug
reports for the monodoc crashes.

>       * ASP.NET editor. .NET has been created as a unified platform
>         for Web and Desktop development. But somehow, that focus is
>         lost when it came to Linux world.
>       * RAD tool for ASP.NET and Glade/Stetic integration.(On the
>         cards i guess?)

Some of this is on the way.

> I know guys, i should stop whining and try to do something(*yes i am
> trying to do something*). But yet, i just wanted to put forward my
> point of view. Without a powerful development tool, the whole Mono
> project will be a lame saint.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Any help is welcome!


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