[MonoDevelop] Application configuration files

knocte knocte at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 19:30:37 EST 2005

Victor wrote:
>> MD itself seems to save in a subdirectory inside a .config directory
>> that is in the personal folder (/home/user/.config/MonoDevelop/). I
>> think this is a better practice (so as not to fill the personal
>> directory with many hidden config files).
> It also reduces the namespace by creating a new namespace (directory)
> for each app, so you end up having one entry for each app within a
> .config directory.
> So:
> $ cd ~/.config
> $ ls
> bless MonoDevelop monodoc
> $ cd bless
> history.xml  last.session  preferences.xml
> $ cd

That's exactly the same thing that I already said in the comment that 
you are replying to. Sorry but I don't see additional info here, correct 
me if I am wrong.
> Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla, NVU, etc) and KDE also do the
> same thing (on their own directory).

But Firefox and Thunderbird create their own .directory in the home root /home/user/.mozilla, instead of placing it inside ".config/" folder. I think that's undesirable.


    Andrés   [ knocte ]


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