[MonoDevelop] Re: Completion Window

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 04:32:55 EST 2005

Lluis Sanchez escribió:
> I'm confused now. What is the difference between the current behavior
> and the behavior described by Andres?

Well, personally, I don't know because I don't remember :)
Because I use VS.NET at work and MD at home, I have thought, when 
writting my comment, that, if you guys were discussing about completion 
behaviour, the reason for that could be that there was no behaviour at 
all (just to display the widget and not focus when the user types 
anything). But I can't test it here because there's no MD for Windows yet ;)

Therefore, if MD's actual behaviour is the one I have described, my vote 
goes not to modify it at all.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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