[MonoDevelop] A Datagrid in MD?

Victor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen (FANATICO y LOCO por Cristo) vrrivaro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 10:13:04 EST 2005


I have been on the look for a decent Datagrid control in Gtk#. I found
Kristian Rietveld had started a readonly one for SqlSharpGtk. Not
happy with that situation, I kept looking, and found out that Daniel
Morgan imported it for your project and kept on developping until this
year. Then, it was taken over by Gennadiy Donchyts for a personal

So, my first question is: A Datagrid in MonoDevelop?

My second question, which licence is it under? There is whatsover no
license related code in the files, but according to your policies, it
should be under GPL or LGPL.

We are currently planning on taking the Datagrid and to place it under
SVN somewhere so people can develop it separatly and perhaps it would
later be imported into Gtk#, where it is IMHO badly needed. So, the
question of license is critical.

I tried to search the Web for the answer to both these questions, and
it got me nowhere.

In my search for these answes, I decided to go to the Source(TM), and
browsed the MD's web based SVN repository. My results where as I had
reasonably expected and not like what my previous results told me: I
could not find any trace of the Datagrid.cs file. But, since there is
allways the posibility of it existing somewhere I didn't look since
web based SVN trees lack a search feature, I decided to ask anyway.

God bless you all,

Víctor Rafael Rivarola

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