[MonoDevelop] JavaBinding & Compiler Command

Terry terry.mailinglist at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 23:10:06 EST 2005

In Preference for Java, if Compiler Command was not set and create a new 
project, there would be a build error of "Build failed. command" at the 
end when you build it. The only way to resolve it is going into Project 
Option individually to set it, since the Preference mentioned earlier 
only affect newly created one, but not the existing .mdp. I think this 
is by design, which is fine.

But, when the first time .mdp being serialized initially, shouldn't 
Compiler Command be default along with Compiler Type, i.e. { javac, gcj 
}? If user choose either one of the predefined Compiler Type, she/he 
shouldn't have a need to overwrite it with Compiler Command (assuming 
javac/gcj is in PATH). Currently, I believe regardless of the value of 
Compiler Type, one has to set javac/gcj as Compiler Command explicitly 
to get thing working.

In code, i.e. Extra\JavaBinding\JavaLanguageBinding.cs, looks like the 
getter of GlobalProperties.CompilerCommand always return empty string by 
default. Wouldn't it be possible to return the appropriate value 
depending on the Enum set onto Compiler Type?

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