[MonoDevelop] ChangeLog highlighting

Jacob Ilsø Christensen jacobilsoe at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 14:24:17 EST 2005

Thanks. Still got a few questions (see below).

On 12/3/05, John Luke <john.luke at gmail.com> wrote:
> Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > I would like to add "syntax" highlighting for ChangeLog files. How do
> > I do this? Should I add a .lang file for gtksourceview
> Yes, if there is not already one for a given file type.  Keep in mind
> there might be several styles
> used for ChangeLog files.

Does not seem like it. So if I add a .lang for ChangeLog files can I just
add it to MonoDevelop or will it have to go through gtksourceview?

> and then add this definition to  SyntaxHighlighting.xml?
> It shouldn't be necessary to do anything here.
> > And what about the mimetype?
> If ChangeLog files are not already detected you have to add them by
> either the monodevelop.xml

I added it to monodevelop.xml. Where is that file used?

or upstream shared-mime stuff on freedesktop.org
> I think it is already detected, but you can test if it is with
> gnomevfs-info.
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