[MonoDevelop] monodevelop 0.9 no code completion anymore

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Thu Dec 1 06:27:01 EST 2005

El jue, 01-12-2005 a las 11:57 +0000, matthieu Barthélemy escribió:
> Hi Lluis, thanks for your reply.
> I upgraded today my Monodevelop at work, and have the same problem this 
> time with  FC4, mono, MD 0.9.
> I removed every file in ~/.config/MonoDevelop/CodeCompletionData , 
> started MonoDevelop, loaded my project.
> 2 minutes later I could seee that .pidb files had been regenerated (see 
> list at the end of the message).
> But I still can't use code completion... What seems weird to me is that 
> now I've the same problem at work and at home, with MD 0.9 upon two 
> different Mono versions, on 2 different distros.
> To be more precise than in my previous post: When I create/update a C# 
> class, I can see namespaces propositions coming automatically as soon as 
> I type "using ", according to my project's referenced assemblies. This 
> is the only case where completion seems to work (partially).
> But if I choose, for example, System, I can't have the list of 
> namespaces belonging to System.
> Do you have an idea? Many thanks.

That's weird. Does it fails for all projects? for example, have you
tried a simple console project with only System references? Do you see
any error message if you start MonoDevelop from a terminal?


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