[MonoDevelop] [PATCH] GAC references from real GAC

Mart Roosmaa roosmaa at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 19:06:57 EDT 2005

On 13/08/05, Todd Berman <tberman at off.net> wrote:
> Unfortunately, we *are* searching for globally installed assemblies
> properly. People will just have to deal with it and add pc files and
> whatnot in order for MonoDevelop users to be able to build against it.

This part I cannot understand, even if I try really hard. Can you
please bring out the advantages of using GAC and .pc files together
and naming it as "GAC References"?
I'd understand if you wanted to use packages as references and would
add another type of references. But why combine them?
And as they are combined, how are you planning to implement 2.0
support? (or let developers use any another version of some assembly
in the GAC?)
At the moment you are locking the user in to use one and only one
version of some assembly (probably the latest then). And adding that
extra .pc file on all computers (if using MD in some bigger project
with many developers) decreases development time.

In short: I would just like a better description of why is GAC and .pc
combined is better than GAC and .pc separately?

Mart Roosmaa

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