[MonoDevelop] [GUI Bug] "Infinite" "Application Output" tabs

Xoen xoen@email.it
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 22:11:39 +0200

Pieter Baele wrote:

> Yes, but I suggest don't submit these things on gentoo's bugzilla. It's
>work for the monodevelop-developpers ;)
>Don't throw this at the gentoo-dev's, they have to add functionality and
>ebuilds for us gentoo-users ;)
Mmh...yes...maybe I must open an account in the Ximiam bugzilla ;)
(Noooo another registration :( )

> thank you 'xoen'. I see on the MD-mailinglist you reported two bugs.
> it's not really gentoo-related I think, but nice work ;)
I didn't nothing ;)


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