[MonoDevelop] Subversion integration

John Luke john.luke@gmail.com
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 11:55:46 -0400

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 09:16 -0400, Joshua Tauberer wrote:
> John Luke wrote:
> > Even if we wrote our own static makefiles you will still need
> > the -devel packages.
> Why is that?  (aside from gdldock's needs)  For instance, why is 
> gnome-vfs-2.0's pc file required?
It is no longer a requirement in svn.  It was there previously to make
sure people had gnome-vfs installed instead of getting an error at

> >  - installing all the gnome related files to the right locations
> > (.desktop, etc)
> Yeah, okay, but to me this should be a separate task from compiling the 
> application itself, since I can run the application without installing 
> it (I think).
I don't know of a maintainable simple way to do that, without losing the
support for installing and other things we get with the current system.
I will think about how to make it simpler for the unzip-and-go style of
using it.