[MonoDevelop] UML CanvasItem

Lluis Sanchez lluis@ximian.com
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 14:49:45 +0200

On dv, 2005-03-25 at 14:32 -0600, Mario CarriĆ³n wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 17:44:39 +0100, Rodehueser, Joerg
> <joerg.rodehueser@sesa.de> wrote:
> > Hi All, 
> Hi
> > I want to write a UML plug-in for MD. I startet to look at the gnome libs
> > and I found 
> > the gnome canvas and its item.
> Why don't you port some of our work to MonoDevelop?
> http://monouml.sourceforge.net
> If you want you are welcome to our team. One of our future goals is a
> full integration with Monodevelop.

I think it would be a good idea to take MonoUML as a code base for a
MonoDevelop UML addin. 

One of the goals of MonoDevelop is to be a platform flexible enough to
allow the implementation of any development tool on top of it. Those
tools can take advantage of all MonoDevelop services, such as:
* A project system.
* A source code parser.
* Better support for background operations.
* Extensible menus and toolbars.
* A docking layout.
* etc.

I say "implementation" and not "integration", because ideally there
should be no need for a standalone version of the tool (which would be a
duplication of efforts and code).


> Cheers