[MonoDevelop] SupraNews monobased c# newsreader

john bailo jabailo@earthlink.net
Mon, 27 Sep 2004 11:57:01 -0700

For people who are interested, I set up this project, SupraNews, on Novell's 
forge site:


The first thing I need help with is how to actually upload files (!?!) since 
the menuing system escapes me?!    Do any of you have expertise with Novell 
Forge and Subversion?   I guess I'll RTM...;D

The code that I want to upload to Novell Forge is tarred on my website:


I have a base class and a monodevelop project that utilizes it.   It can 
retrieve a single article and post an article using the nntp class in c#.  I 
copied this code from Gigi's Own Newsreader, a Windows.Forms based 
newsreader, but the code is all GPL'd ... so I think we can use it...