[MonoDevelop] Configuring AddIns?

Benjamin Joldersma ben@joldersma.org
Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:13:49 -0500

Hello all,

First off, I want to say thanks so much for all the hard work.  I've 
been following the progress since around January or so, and it's really 
exciting to see this project maturing.

Not until now, unfortunately, have I made the time to (re)install linux 
(gentoo), and get mono running (again).  I've gotten the latest version 
of MonoDevelop from svn, and now I am wondering: how do I install the 
addins?  I want to see whats going on with this thing!  The Debugger 
especially, but lots of other folders sound interesting: AddInManager, 
AssemblyAnalyzer, StartPage, Nunit, etc.

Am I missing something totally obvious?  When I run make in Core/, dlls 
like MonoDevelop.Debugger.dll never compile.  Is there an easy way to 
toggle these or something?


Ben Joldersma