[MonoDevelop] default 0.5.1 install

Todd Berman tberman@off.net
Thu, 07 Oct 2004 09:51:13 -0700

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 00:18 +1000, Simon Males wrote:
> Upgraded to 0.5.1, I ran ./configure without any flags. But oddly found 
> monodevelop creating a directory /share/, which I believe should of been 
> something along the lines of /usr/share/monodevelop
> $ ls /share/*
> /share/applications:
> monodevelop.desktop
> /share/mime:
> application  globs  magic  packages  text  XMLnamespaces
> /share/pixmaps:
> monodevelop.png

Ugh. Yeah, thats a bug. The configure script is attempting to detect
where your gnome install is, and apparently failing spectacularly. If
you could file a bug, and attach your config.log and any other relevant
info, that would be great. (Our bugzilla is http://bugzilla.ximian.com)

> Am I the only one here?
> Another question which I guess is asked often, but I'm not a real 
> .NET/C# developer. Visual.NET project files are not compatible with 
> MonoDevelop (only asking because a .NET hacker is trying to show me the 
> ropes).

VS.NET 2003 projects should be importable via the entry in the File
menu. 2002 projects are potentially importable, and I am pretty sure web
projects of either version fail in a *spectacular* fashion.