[MonoDevelop] make run fails

Peter Magnusson petmag@crippledcanary.nu
Fri, 01 Oct 2004 14:04:00 +0200

At the end of a 'make clean && make && make run' trip I get this

cd build/bin && LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`echo ":" | sed 's/^://g'` 
/bin/sh: MonoDevelop.exe: command not found
make: *** [runmd] Error 127

There is a MonoDevelop.exe in src/Main/Startup but when i try
'mono src/Main/StartUp/MonoDevelop.exe'
I get
** (src/Main/StartUp/MonoDevelop.exe:27976): WARNING **: Could not find
assembly MonoDevelop.Base, references from
     Major/Minor: 0,5
     Build:       1,0

What is this.