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John BouAntoun jba-mono@optusnet.com.au
Tue, 30 Nov 2004 17:54:29 +1100

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The attached patch makes monodeevlop build successfully with mono/mcs

The patch was made from withing the Directory holding he Combine.cs file
that was modified.

However I still cannot get the Combine.LoadCombine() to work every time.
Actually after the first load of the combine I can't get it to load at

Can anyone please provide assistance on this combine loading issues?
Some pointers as to where to look to debug would be helpful.

For now all I know is that when the BackgroundLoadCombine gets called it
never returns.

On Sat, 2004-11-27 at 18:43 +1100, John BouAntoun wrote:
> Hi guys, I've been having this distinctly repeatable problem with
> Monodevelop which I built from svn a week ago against mono/mcs svn at
> that time.
> Basically i was trying to convert the SWF.sln project to monodevelop
> located at:
> mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms/SWF.sln
> It would convert it successfully, but then when the time  came to load
> the combine the call to Combine.backgroundLoadCombine (string) would
> never return, meaning I could never load the combine.
> The only way I was able to get around this was to start two instances of
> Monodevelop at the same time, and then try and open the combine from one
> of the instances. Whenever I do this I can load the combine fine. Once
> this is done I no-longer need to have two instances open to load the
> combine any more.
> Not sure why this is happening, any suggestions ?
> P.S. I can't build md from svn cause someone added Syscall.chmod to
> Combine.cs and I have no idea wtf to get that file from.
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Index: Combine.cs
--- Combine.cs	(revision 2040)
+++ Combine.cs	(working copy)
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 using Mono.Posix;
-using FileMode = Mono.Posix.FilePermissions;
+using FileMode = Mono.Unix.FilePermissions;
 using FileMode = Mono.Posix.FileMode;
@@ -663,7 +663,7 @@
 			buildstream.Flush ();
 			buildstream.Close ();
-			Syscall.chmod (Path.Combine (path, "make.sh"), FileMode.S_IRUSR | FileMode.S_IWUSR | FileMode.S_IXUSR | FileMode.S_IRGRP | FileMode.S_IWGRP | FileMode.S_IROTH);
+			Mono.Unix.Syscall.chmod (Path.Combine (path, "make.sh"), Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IRUSR | Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IWUSR | Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IXUSR | Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IRGRP | Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IWGRP | Mono.Unix.FilePermissions.S_IROTH);
 			StreamWriter stream = new StreamWriter (Path.Combine (path, "Makefile.solution." + Name.Replace (" ", "")));
 			stream.WriteLine ("# This file is autogenerated by MonoDevelop");