[MonoDevelop] string charset bug ?

Török Gábor tori@alfanet.hu
Tue, 23 Nov 2004 23:54:46 +0100


I tried a hello world application on debian "sid" with mono 1.0.2.

The program:
public class HelloWorld
	static void Main()
		System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World! árvízfúró
The output is: Hello World! ?rv?zf?r? t?k?rf?r?g?p ?RV?ZF?R?T?K?RF?R?G?P

I found some bugs like this on bugzilla, but they seemd to have been solved

I compiled my program with "mcs" and also with "csc", the result was the
same. The program worked correct on windows, and worked incorrect on linux.

I tried a little asp.net application also with mono, and the result was the
same. There was "?" instead of the hungarian characters.

What can be wrong? Can you help me?

Thank you!

Gabor Torok