[MonoDevelop] generate uml diagrams for .net assembly

chris@mosaix.net chris@mosaix.net
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 23:59:49 -0800


i wrote a quick and dirty tool to generate a uml diagram for an
existing .net assembly. it outputs a dia file (gzip'd xml). It supports
classes, enums, and interfaces so far. WARNING: dia seems to perform
amazingly slow when you have as many objects as what is contained in
System.dll. It does no positioning (yet) of the objects, so everything
is at position (0,0) untill you move it.

execute the prog like:
	mono net2uml.exe --ass="pathtoassembly" --out="assembly.dia"

this should speed up the development of UML diagrams greately.

~ chrish01
catch me on irc.gnome.org #monodevelop if you got ideas/help