[MonoDevelop] Cannot find assembly 'gecko-sharp.dll' errorwhen making MonoDevelop 0.3

James Hurst james.hurst@touchpaper.com
Thu, 27 May 2004 11:42:50 +0100

Thanks Todd,
Tried this, still got the same problem, tried rebuilding on a clean install=
 and still no luck.  I'm using a VMWare image if this helps, but the instal=
l seems ok.

Any other ideas would be gratefully received

Todd Berman wrote:

Try installing gecko-sharp 0.3, you can get a link from the MD package
install tutorial.


On Wed, 2004-26-05 at 14:44 +0100, James Hurst wrote:
> Hi all,=20
> I've got mono beta 1 installed using Red Carpet on a SUSE 9.0 system.
> On this I have built and installed:=20
> gtksourceview-0.7.0=20
> gtksourceview-sharp-0.2=20
> gecko-sharp-0.2=20
> And they seemed to build ok, and are present in the right places.
> Monodevelop will now run through the './configure' processes fine,
> however when I do 'make' I get the following error:=20
> error CS0006: Cannot find assembly 'gecko-sharp.dll'
>  I have checked the system, there is only one version of the file, the
> gecko-sharp.pc file is in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH and seems to point to
> the right place (educated guess more than actually know).
> Hope people can shine light on the problem....=20
> Thanks,=20
> James Hurst

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