[MonoDevelop] Mono Develop Build System Planning.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@novell.com
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 16:14:59 -0500


> On the Java subject: targetting ikvm and mono was something I initially
> wanted to do but I could not get classpath to compile or find a package
> for it, so I gave up.  Will mono be including ikvm + classpath on
> redcarpet maybe so that we can depend on it being easily available?  If
> so I might do it then.

We are trying to add IKVM+Classpath to the standard Mono packaging.

> One other rather small thing I like about automake is being able to
> output files trivially.  i.e. AssemblyInfo.cs.in to AssemblyInfo.cs
> pulling @VERSION@ from configure.in for all the assemblies in a project.
> Probably not that important though.

There are definitely pluses on using autoconf/automake, but in my
opinion the small features we can implement, and we do not have to
depend on the user getting its ACLOCAL story right, and the result would
be more reliable.