[MonoDevelop] Create Forms ????

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 15:13:06 -0600

Paulo Aboim Pinto wrote:

>Finally my MonoDevelop is working well.
>I have created the "Hello World" example and it goes well too.
>I've notice that the IDE did not have the possibility to create my forms
>in Design Mode.
>Did any one create any Form by programming???? There is any tutorial ???
>Paulo Aboim Pinto
>Odivelas - Portugal  
>Monodevelop-list mailing list
Currently, there is no Forms designer toolbox on MonoDevelop.  
Eventually there will be.  I know that some people use the Glade 2.0 
Interface Builder and later there are mechanisms in GTK# to consume the 
GUI layout produced with the tool.

I have worked a little bit with GTK#. For the most part, I have learned 
some by looking at the sample applications available in the CVS module 
of gtk-sharp.  Those samples coupled with the Framework documentation 
available through Monodoc or at the website http://www.go-mono.com:8080/ 
may help you out until more progress is achieved on MonoDevelop -- those 
guys are working at a furious pace!

Hope this helps.