[MonoDevelop] Project Tree

tropico@tiscali.be tropico@tiscali.be
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 01:21:45 -0500

Looking for a fix about adding existing files in Project (Bug #56012). 

I've got a easy fix,

File :  src/Main/Base/Gui/Pads/ProjectBrowser/ProjectBrowserView.cs
Method : MoveCopyFile


AbstractBrowserNode newparent =
GetRootProjectNode(node), alreadyInPlace);


AbstractBrowserNode newparent = node;

But what's the role of this newparent ?

And there are others fixes to add, so I think that it must be part of a
larger patch.

- Avoid Adding/Creating a file in a directory if there is already a file
with the same name.
- Enable Drag and drop.
- ...

I did'nt have a global view of the whole project, so I don't no if
anyone is already implicated in this area. There is maybe some more
urgent stuff to do.

If I can help, please tell me the best way to go.

See you