[MonoDevelop] GtkMozEmbed AfterHandlers & AfterSignals & other problems

Boris Maryshev boris.maroshev@itcollege.ee
Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:40:13 +0200

On Sunday 21 March 2004 21:22, John Luke wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 21:14 +0200, Boris Maryshev wrote:
> Hmm, this is probably because cvs Gtk# changed and you are using 0.17 or
> something before the change.  Otherwise a make clean && make everywhere
> should solve it.  I will update configure to look for the right version
> of gtk# now, my fault.  For things you compile from source make sure you
> set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH like it states in the FAQS file.
21:24:27<CIA-3> MonoDevelop: jluke * r1216 /trunk/MonoDevelop/ (ChangeLog 
configure.in): gtk#0.18 is the dep
21:26:06<CIA-3> MonoDevelop: jluke * r1217 /trunk/MonoDevelop/configure.in: 

hehe :)

thanks a lot.

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