[MonoDevelop] #D coorporation

Mike Krueger mike@icsharpcode.net
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 08:53:11 +0100


>The namespace change in #Refactory shouldnt have happened, however I
>stick by the core and base namespace changes.
>Part of the problem I am having working with this codebase is the
>over-namespacing of all of it. Not only do you have 2 'toplevel'
>namespaces, 'ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop' and 'ICSharpCode', there seems to
>be a lot of seeming incoherence in the namespacing, for example:

That is because some code has NOTHING to do with SharpDevelop ... like 
the Refactory,
ZipLib, Assembly stuff (or the text editor). Therefore it got an own 
But I've a 'mother' namespace (ICSharpCode) for the WHOLE stuff.

The core has an own namespace service because it is in another assembly 
which doesn't have
too much to do with the base ... the base 'adds' some more services but 
they're only useful for
the #D project.
I agree that some namespaces might have no sense ... but most do.