[MonoDevelop] #D coorporation

Ben Maurer 05mauben@hawken.edu
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 11:09:54 -0500

I very much like the idea of a common reprository for MonoDevelop and
SharpDevelop. This would sure make it easier to do stuff. We should work
to identify this base code, make sure there are no dependencies other
than the standard classlibs (no system.drawing stuff, etc).

The parser is pretty fast, however when I worked on some large files
(the mcs compiler has some that are > 100kb), I had some trouble. Note
that I have a pretty slow computer (sub-gigahertz), but when I run
Visual Studio.net on a computer with a windows computer that has a
slower CPU and half of the ram i have (I have 512), I was able to edit
the MCS files with ease. Also, it took quite a while for me to load

There are also some major performance enhancements in our svn, I did
alot of work early on to reduce the speed of loading the code completion
database. Feel free to steal^H^H^H^H^Hreuse my work, the patches should
be small enough that copyright assignment is not needed. (Code
Completion database is another area we can share code in).

-- Ben

>>> Mike Krueger <mike@icsharpcode.net> 03/19/04 10:12 AM >>>

>I think you have a very good point about namespaces. I for one would
>vote reverting any namespace changes for code that can be shared
>I really hope we can share code parsing stuff between the IDEs, there
>no reason it cant be done. I have been thinking about doing some work
>the parser area, and I would love to see it shared. The expression
>finder thing you talk about is one of the things I was going to do -- i
>would love to see it merged in to MD.
Maybe we should have >common< repositories for some code ? I think a  
fair amount of the 'base' code
(and the core of course :))  could be used for both projects.

>I had a few ideas, I hope you can take them as food for thought. It is
>unlikely I could really dive into the parser for a few months, so if
>of these ideas seem easy to do, please feel free to steal them:
I don't steal I re-use :)

>Also, I have been thinking about performance and if it is possible to
>parse less stuff then we do now (eg, only parse the method your cursor
>is in when you are typing).
I thought about this too ... but currently I'm having to do in other 
areas :) and the parser process is relative
fast but parsing only the changes is better.


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