[MonoDevelop] #D coorporation

Mike Krueger mike@icsharpcode.net
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:10:48 +0100


>I think you have a very good point about namespaces. I for one would
>vote reverting any namespace changes for code that can be shared between
>I really hope we can share code parsing stuff between the IDEs, there is
>no reason it cant be done. I have been thinking about doing some work in
>the parser area, and I would love to see it shared. The expression
>finder thing you talk about is one of the things I was going to do -- i
>would love to see it merged in to MD.
Maybe we should have >common< repositories for some code ? I think a  
fair amount of the 'base' code
(and the core of course :))  could be used for both projects.

>I had a few ideas, I hope you can take them as food for thought. It is
>unlikely I could really dive into the parser for a few months, so if any
>of these ideas seem easy to do, please feel free to steal them:
I don't steal I re-use :)

>Also, I have been thinking about performance and if it is possible to
>parse less stuff then we do now (eg, only parse the method your cursor
>is in when you are typing).
I thought about this too ... but currently I'm having to do in other 
areas :) and the parser process is relative
fast but parsing only the changes is better.