[MonoDevelop] Install Mono-Develop

esqueleto@tusofona.com esqueleto@tusofona.com
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:08:20 -0000 (WET)


I'm new here, but i'm .NET develop for a while.

I have a Mandrake 9.2 and i use eiher KDE and Gnome.

When i make ./configure in Mono-Develop source directory, at the end i get:
Configuration summary

   * Installation prefix = /usr/local
   * GNOME prefix =

   * gnomevfs 2.0: no
   * gtk-sharp 0.17: no
   * gtkmozembed 1.2: no
   * gtksourceview 0.7: no
   * gtksourceview-sharp 0.1: no
   * mono 0.30: yes

   NOTE: if any of the above say 'no' you may install the
    corresponding development packages for them, and
    rerun autogen.sh. If you are sure the proper
    libraries are installed, use PKG_CONFIG_PATH to
    point to their .pc files


when i try to install the first thing at the list (gnomevfs) i cannot get
any RPM to do that, and the source code give error in libbonobo-2.0, and
this a connot install to.

Please any one can help me

I've try to install the Gnome envoirment with no sucess.

What do i have to do to make Mono-Develop Working?

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Lisboa - Portugal