[MonoDevelop] More filebrowser :)

Iñigo Illán kodeport@terra.es
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 13:48:21 +0100

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With the .hidden feature, you can locate a .hidden file on some
directory and add entries to it of the folders or files you don't want
to see when you are browsing that folder. For example, on my home
directory I have the file .hidden with this entries:


So, when I go to nautilus, I don't see those folders. You can do it also
for files.

About the coding style, I would remember them, but it would be usefull
if someone can point to me somewhere where explains the one used on

El dom, 14-03-2004 a las 04:07, John Luke escribi=F3:
> On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 11:58 +0100, I=F1igo Ill=E1n wrote:
> > I have added ability to create, rename and delete folders. I have also
> > added support for .hidden files (like in nautilus). The patch works fin=
> > agains r1150.
> >=20
> > There is one issue with creating new folders. If your TreeView can't
> > handle all the list of folders without scrollbars, then, creating a
> > folder will not prompt you to introduce the name of the folder. I have
> > watched rhythmbox and it has the same problem. Does anybody know how
> > this can be "repaired"?.
> >=20
> > I'm sorry if the explanation isn't very clear. If you don't understand
> > it, you better go and see it for yourself .
> Hmm, apparently Todd committed this.  I just cleaned up the coding style
> and added you as one of the authors since you've done quite a bit on it
> now.  Not a huge deal but in the future it would be great if you could
> use the same style as the file as you are working on.  In this case
> space before () and in if {} else {} consistently.
> Also, it would be helpful to include a ChangeLog with some more details
> of your changes.  For example, I don't use nautilus and don't know what
> you meant above.
> Thanks.
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