[MonoDevelop] Code completion

Rui Barreiros rbarreiros@evoluta.pt
Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:50:12 +0000


After some cleans/updates etc, i managed to find that the compiling
error was caused by gtk-sharp (it wasn't updated, and i had to checkout
a clean cvs to be able to compile gtk-sharp) then monodevelop compiled

Now when generating the code completion database i get this error, here
goes the output:

Creating DefaultWorkbench
Tools: can't load user defaults, reading system defaults
Finishing druid
using path /home/brandon/.config/MonoDevelop//CodeCompletionData
Creating DB with slow process
% is 0
loaded: Microsoft.VisualBasic
% is 0.0133333333333333
loaded: mscorlib
% is 0.0266666666666667
loaded: System.Data

** (MonoDevelop:10256): WARNING **: Could not load class from token
0x01000010 in /usr/lib/System.Design.dll

** ERROR **: file gc.c: line 670 (mono_gc_disable): should not be

I Tried with fast and slow process, both give the same error.

Any clues?

Rui Barreiros