[MonoDevelop] CVS - ASP.NET

Todd Berman tberman@sevenl.net
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 22:46:06 -0400

Lucas Lain wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> i'm interested in contributing with this project because i think it's 
> quite good, and will help Mono to success. I want to know if  the 
> project contributors are interested in:
>    - MonoDevelop working with CVS's (integrated or plugin?)

None as of right now. It is something we would like to do however. One 
of our requirements is the setup has to be able to handle different 
version control systems without a lot of major hackings. So basically, 
you need to add generic hooks for version control, and then hook into 
that and add specific stuff for cvs. Also, in the long term, it would be 
nice to see it working without using shell commands (like Process.Start 
("cvs", "some args");).

This is absolutely somewhere that work would be appreciated.

>    - MonoDevelop with capabilities of building asp.net proyects with 
> (sort of) apache integration. (html, code behind, etc. layouts)

pretty much like version control. None to speak of so far, but it is a 
planned feature eventually.

If you are looking for the more managable project, the version control 
stuff is most likely where you should be heading, as asp.net integration 
is something you could work on basically indefinatly. Also asp.net 
integration should wait until after the gtk# forms designer stuff is in 
place, as a lot of the gui presentation code will be sharable, and it 
would be best to do so.


> A friend and i want to work on one of this subjets, and we want to 
> listen some opinions.
> Thanks a lot!
> Lucas
> ps: sorry about my english
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