[MonoDevelop] Win32 build

Nik Derewianka monodev@e-media.com.au
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 16:29:32 +1000

Iain McCoy wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 11:25, Nik Derewianka wrote:
>>Is mono develop at a stage where it can be built on win32 ??  I have 
>>searched the archives, and googled but i cant seem to find too much 
>>about this.   Could someone kindly point me to some instructions on how 
>>to get it all running on the combined mono 1.0 + gtk# installer.
>MonoDevelop is an IDE for unixy platforms, by design. Windows is not a
>unixy platform.
>You should consider SharpDevelop.

Alright - maybe someone can point me to a solution for teams of 
developers working in a mixed environment:

Miguel recently posted in the licensing thread that Eclipse was being 
backed by Novell apparently.  It's java based and java oriented.

MD - linux and osx only

#develop - win32 only

Primal Code - non free (both beer and speech) and win32 only

VS.NET - i havent got anything nice to say atm, so i wont.

Nant - doesnt even build itself correctly on win32 when going through 
the docs (it says to look in the log file, there is no log file).  OSX 
support is experimental at best.  What is the best way to achieve x-plat 
building of projects (in terms of one build file to maintain?).

Is it a case of - "just wait things are in the pipeline (ie gnome 
dependancies will be ported into C# later on)"??

Is wx.net the only game in town as far as writing x-platform apps ?? and 
currently no IDE's are written with this so you have to stick with a 
mixture of technologies on different platforms for building ??

Enlightenment appreciated,