[MonoDevelop] Compiled application doesnīt run from IDE

Attila Goda x-soft@fibermail.hu
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 07:01:51 +0200


I have a problem with MonoDevelop 1.0 and Mono 1.0.

I installed MD 1.0 and Mono 1.0 to my linux box (SuSE 9.1, KDE). 
It works fine, I can edit, compile mylittle application, but when I tired to run it only the 
empty xterm window appeared the application is not. 
The parameters what xterm is received seems correct 
(/usr/bin/xterm -e mono --debug  '/home/attila/MonoDevelopProjects/konzol/bin/Debug/konzol.exe'  ; 
echo; read -p 'press any key to continue...' -n1) and when I run the 
mono --debug  /home/attila/MonoDevelopProjects/konzol/bin/Debug/konzol.exe
it works correctly. I donīt understadt it...

  Attila Goda