[MonoDevelop] Possible Extension to FAQ

Matthias Kempka lists@mkempka.de
Sat, 24 Jul 2004 13:49:33 +0200


I had the problem mentioned in the FAQ that I had no syntax highlighting 
for .cs files. Since I use Debian Sarge I have gnome 2.4, and as 
recommended in the FAQ I ran gnome-file-types-properties as root and 
added an entry for text/x-csharp. This did not help.

Now, I am a KDE user and from GNOME I have only those packages installed 
that I need for this or that dependency. I found that for working syntax 
highlighting I needed the package containing the file 
/usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml which is the package 
shared-mime-info (Debian Sarge). That package was not installed before. 
Maybe you could put the information about the need of that file to the FAQ.