[MonoDevelop] :( MonoDevelop crash with no reason :(

Todd Berman tberman@off.net
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:34:07 -0400

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 13:52 -0400, wrote:
> Hello
> This version of MonoDevelop is not that stable.

Uh oh! Our secret is out! Not only did we take a stable windows
application and make it unstable, but we also don't version our

Some of these bugs have been fixed in the most recent release of MD (and
some new ones introduced, which have been fixed in svn HEAD).

What release is 'This release'?

> I can get the same problem i reported few says ago about CTRL-Z (UNDO).
> When i do that my work roolback until the last save point and don't the
> last operation ... this is not very goood to incresse the Developement.

This is fixed in 0.5.

> Anther thing tha happen a lot is the Code-Completation.
> There are many ways to crash the monodevelop with Code-Completation. When
> i press dot in a object, sometimes i get the word in gray and nothing more
> and i  have to delete the Gray Word after i get to my choice.

These are semi-fixed in 0.5, with some subtle new issues, but totally
fixed in SVN (as far as we know).

> Sometimes, the Code-Completation just don't work. I press dot and get
> anything.

*shrug*, no clue.

> Other time i dot that and simply the MonoDevelop exits.

Thats a crash. Run it in a console, get a backtrace and *gasp* file a

> I think that a good way to resolve this bugs is having a DEBUG WINDOW in
> the About Menu that we can paste what is happening to this forum to help
> you undestand our problem.

We dont use forums for bug tracking, as its a useless bug tracker in our
opinion. We use bugzilla.

You can access our bugzilla at http://bugzilla.ximian.com .

Please please please please file bugs there. This mailing list is for
the discussion of the development of MonoDevelop, and other things, but
not a bug dumping zone.

> Another thing is when the MonoDevelop exists with an Exception, shows a
> window with the Exception for us to paste to this forum or even create a
> system like M$ that send the information all over internet.

This would be great, we are working to hook into some gnome
functionality that already does this (bugbuddy). We would love a patch.
It's your time to show off dude! :)

> I know that all this kind of problems i can download the source and try to
> resolve it myself ... but i don't know how i get the source.... or even
> from where to begin resolving the problems.
> In the MonoDevelop Web Site should have a contributer guide for people
> like me can  help you guys developing a good IDE for FreeSoftware
> implementation os .NET tecnology.

Well. Since you mention it, the anonymous SVN server is mentioned pretty
clearly on the website, and again, patches are welcome, help us write
the guide you think you and other potential new contributors need!
Having a good open source project is more than just having good hackers,
we need good documentation writers, good bugwranglers, etc.