[MonoDevelop] Licensing concerns.

Bernhard Spuida bernhard@icsharpcode.net
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 16:14:31 +0200

> > We chose the GPL on purpose so no-one can integrate our code in a 
> > non-GPL application without our explicit permission. And as Miguel has 
> > already touched upon this issue, we (#develop) intend to sell 
> > differently licensed components. We can do so, because we have 
> > copyright assignments of all our contributors (OOo and StarOffice 
> > being a prime example of this approach).
> That is obvious, when it comes to YOUR code, and YOUR distribution of 
> #develop, but absolutely non-obvious for so called derivative work.  
> Are you implying that you want to sell MonoDevelop as well to YOUR 
> profit, that would be outrageous!

We do not intend to resell MonoDevelop - MonoDevelop is the result of 
the MonoDevelop team's work. We respect others' creative efforts and 
appreciate work based on our work.

> > How do you think would MySQL AB react if you asked them to relicense 
> > some of their older releases to MIT?
> Nobody is asking YOU to relicense ANYTHING, they are just relicensing 
> THEIR OWN GOODS, is that so difficult to understand?  YOU did not write 
> the code that John and Todd wrote, so it does not belong to 
> YOU/#develop, it's as simple as that.  They may have to provide their 
> code in a GPL'ed version but that does not make it YOUR code!

We are *not* trying to appropriate the code written by Todd, John and 
all the other great developers working on monodevelop. However as 
their work is based on ours we strongly feel that we have some right 
to say what will happen to our code.
As we stated previously, we have asked the FSF for final and 
authoritative clarification of all the issues involving the GPL and 
other licenses in this matter.
If you want to see the wording of the inquiry, please refer to this:


In my opinion, throwing arguments at each other does not do any of 
the parties involved any good. The only way to reach mutual agreement 
is to be constructive in handling this situation. Therefore let us 
all wait for the answer of the FSF.

               Bernhard Spuida
               #develop senior word wrangler

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may have told you it does." -In a californian graphic board manual,