[MonoDevelop] Licensing concerns.

Martin Probst mail@martin-probst.com
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 16:08:55 +0200 (CEST)

> We chose the GPL on purpose so no-one can integrate our code in a non-GPL
> application without our explicit permission. And as Miguel has already
> touched upon this issue, we (#develop) intend to sell differently licensed
> components. We can do so, because we have copyright assignments of all our
> contributors (OOo and StarOffice being a prime example of this approach).

That is of course a just point. But don't you think it would be possible
to do some refactoring and relicensing in order to keep your core
application GPLed but make the interfaces needed by MonoDevelop MIT

If one could achieve a loose coupling between MonoDevelop and SharpDevelop
only using LGPL/Apache/MIT X11 licenses that should IMHO be GPL compliant.
Though I'm not a lawyer. (I'm starting to understand why the shorthandle
IANAL got so popular...)

That way you could hold up your business model and the MonoDevelop team
could license their code more liberal. After all you could sell
MonoDevelop code whichs copyright you don't own together with SharpDevelop
so it might be some kind of a Win-Win situation (as Miguel mentioned
somewhere else in this thread).