[MonoDevelop] Licensing concerns.

Christoph Wille christophw@alphasierrapapa.com
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 07:33:37 +0200

Let's ask the FSF to clarify - by giving specific examples of code that is 
contributed to MD:

* an existing code file that is governed by the GPL is modified (rewrite of 
a method)
* a new method/property/... that is added to an existing code file that is 
governed by the GPL
* adding a new code file that implements interfaces governed by the GPL to 
an assembly that otherwise consists of GPL code only
* writing an addin that implements interfaces, calls methods, links against 
code that is governed by the GPL (you won't be able to write an addin that 
doesn't need any of these)

No-one argues that independent UI (widgets) or platform (ie Mono Debugger 
infrastructure) assemblies are in question.


At 12:19 AM 7/14/2004, Todd Berman wrote:
>On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 18:13 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
><some snipage>
> >     Which probably means that new widgetry (like the new Dock which is a
> > complete rewrite) can fall under the MIT X11, and other components which
> > are not entirely pieces of MonoDevelop, and could conceivably be used
> > elsewhere.
>Not sure about that, the new Dock itself is a derivative work
>(potentially) of the GdlDock, which i believe is LGPL. I am not sure if
>porting languages is enough to distinguish it as non-derivative or not.
>Sigh. In general this sort of debate kills me. This is the #1 barrier to
>getting open source products used (in my opinion). As a developer, all I
>want is to write some cool code that kicks ass in some new way, and if
>someone else can use it, great, lets do it. As a user, all I want to do
>is use my computer functionally. Then licensing issues show up, and you
>immediately potentially bar users and developers from your product.
>To put it insanely clearly. If this licensing issue is not resolved, I
>will be contractually *UNABLE* to continue any sort of code development
>for MonoDevelop. Should this come to pass, I will be insanely pissed,
>let me tell you. However, regardless *I* will continue to review
>patches, provide help, triage bugzilla, and create code that is
>absolutely beyond a doubt able to be useful, hopefully in the methods
>described by Miguel.
>Lets all get on the same page here. We all just want to write code, lets
>make it happen.