[MonoDevelop] Mono Develop Help!!!

Antonio Santana antjensavwork@hotmail.com
Fri, 02 Jul 2004 13:00:26 -0500

I am curious if someone can help me figure out why my monodevelop will not 
launch.  I have installed everything required to run mono and monodevelop.  
I used Red Carpet and pulled everything down.  When I try executing 
monodevelop at command line or shell, it sayes it can't find the 
gtk-sharp.dll.  I am having similar problems with monodoc, which can't find 
geck-sharp.dll.  It's looking for these two assemblies, but can't find them. 
  It's almost as if the PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set incorrectly or a path 
reference is not set right.  My PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set to reference the 
right locations, but I can't seem to get this thing to launch.

NOTE: Before installing mono with Red Carpet, I have some unsuccessful 
attempts installing monodevelop and monodoc using the source binaries.  That 
was a mess and gave up.  Now I have mono running fine, but I cannot get 
monodevelop and monodoc working.

I am running RedHat 9.0 with GNOME.

Can someone help or point me in the direction of anyone who could help?

I would also like to help people out with mono that are having the same 
problem.  I have noticed many community postings from people with a similar 

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.