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Thu, 01 Jul 2004 22:48:38 -0400

There is a nice README in the po dir of the Monodevelop repository.

Here is a copy :

Notes on how to do a localization (l10n) for MonoDevelop

Creating a l10n:
	First of all you create a template to base your translation on:
		intltool-update --pot

	Then copy it to your translation
		cp monodevelop.pot da.po
	Do your translation, with some kind of editor
		emacs da.po

	Add your l10n to configure.in, find the ALL_LINGUAS variable and add
	l10n to it.

Updating your l10n:
	To update an existing po fx da.po:
		intltool-update da

Le jeu, 01/07/2004 ā 20:54 +0200, Sören Roerden a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> I'd be interested in doing a german translation of MonoDevelop. I don't 
> really know how to do that though, so excuse me if i ask: Do I just 
> have to translate a .po and a .gmo file? If so, I'm nearly done with 
> the .po and I've already started on the .gmo file.
> Sören Roerden
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