[MonoDevelop] GtkSourceView Question

Ben Maurer 05mauben@hawken.edu
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 12:14:13 -0500

In terms of placing custom markers, that can be done today. If there are =
other ideas you have, please share them. I am working with the gtksourcevie=
w developers to get some critical features implemented.

>>> Mike Krueger <mike@icsharpcode.net> 01/28/04 14:35 PM >>>

I only want to know if it is possible to change (better: add) to the=20
drawing of the GtkSourceView.
This will be an important point in the future for adding more nice =
(folding and line numbers
won't be the last). For some language the bindings might want to add=20
something to editor drawing.
For example: In the #Develop model there are 'margins' and I could=20
imagine some features which
add a margin right after the text to add extra information or features=20
which mark some parts of the
code for example with a rectangle.
One feature which IS important for an IDE is extensibility of the text=20
editor and I only want to point
that out.
(shame on me that I haven't looked at the GtkSourceView wrapper maybe=20
you could already do all

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