[MonoDevelop] Scintilla over GtkSourceView

Mike Krueger mike@icsharpcode.net
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:51:30 +0100


An editor in eclipse is what we call 'view'. Views from eclipse are 
called 'pads' in the #Develop.
Other than that we've many interfaces which views may implement some are 
doing the 'editor job'.
It is possible to use any editor (or view) you want.
But sometimes the editor is used directly (for example in the forms 
designer but that shouldn't matter
because the winforms designer won't be usuable under mono anytime soon).


>Here's my suggestion:
>don't preclude any way!
>In eclipse the editor is not one, there's a collection of editors and
>they implement a common interface.
>I don't think there would be too much penalty in doing it so also in MD.
>So you can use sourceview, scintilla, maybe a vim binding, etc...
>What do you think?