[MonoDevelop] Sharing Code & Patches etc. MD <-> #d

Christoph Wille christophw@alphasierrapapa.com
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 20:01:12 +0100

Good evening,

I have read the posts in the "ideas" thread. Just wanted to chime in on 
behalf of the #develop team - we have a strict copyright assignment policy 
for accepting code beyond simple bug fix level:


Fyi: the JCA we use is nearly identical to the OOo one.

Bottomline: sharing and cooperating is absolutely fine with us, however, 
for us to integrate the fruits of the cooperation into the main 
distribution of #develop (someone providing it as a separate download - 
perfectly fine with us) means the "hassle" of signing the JCA.

And btw, like our policy or not - it is set in stone for three years now 
(just to avoid unnecessary discussion on this list re: why not change this 

#develop senior project wrangler