[MonoDevelop] ideas

Casey Winans casey@cwinans.com
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:27:51 -0500

> 1) I know that originally I has said we would be maintaining Windows
> compatibility at all times, but having since thought about this, is
> there really a point? Windows already has VS.NET and the original #D,
> why would this be something that people feel is useful?

The way I understand it after reading much of the SharpDevelop teams
book a while back is that most everything is written utilizing
interfaces so large pieces of the tool can be replaced later with a
better implementation if one becomes available.

We could set up a committee to adapt current interfaces and propose new
ones so that both teams are happy and a large chunk of the code can be
shared. As well as ensuring project files are compatible, etc...

> Would it be better in the long term to use Gnome and all sorts of Linux
> things to enhance MonoDevelop?

This could be achieved in our implementation... just so long as we fully
implement the proper interfaces if any apply.

There is nothing stopping us from introducing unique features into MD
that the SD guys don't have. We could then work to create an interface
for that particular feature that both teams can agree on if need be.

> For example, printing should really use gnome-print on Linux, it is
> already wrapped and working under C#, why reinvent that wheel, or any
> number of wheels we will have to end up reinventing to stay working on
> windows?

Why not work with the SD guys to create a generic print interface and we
can implement it using gnome-print and the SD guys can wire up that
interface using the equivalent windows mechanism.

Casey Winans