[MonoDevelop] S.W.F -> Gtk# Mappings

Todd Berman tberman@gentoo.org
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 14:49:44 -0500


Honestly, You have two choices, wrap or convert.

We have been doing some of both in MonoDevelop. Personally I prefer
converting, but one of our developers prefers wrapping.

Its basically personal preference.

Certain simple SWF controls map near exact to Gtk# controls, like
Buttons, etc, but most other things are very different.

However, a lot of concepts stay the same, and it is pretty easy to hack
it together.

If people are interested, I would be willing to take a small SWF example
and hack it to Gtk# with some annotations, etc. But only if someone
thinks there would be a use.


PS - I'm a bit out of it, just woke up ;)

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 07:44, Jonathan Darrer wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a convention for mapping S.W.F controls/components to Gtk# widgets?
> Todd, your doing plenty of this right now. There was an effort to implement 
> S.W.F in Gtk#.
> Hackers working on MonoDevelop (presently and in the future) might find this 
> sort of thing helpful. However, I think one good way to ease the learning 
> curve for GUI .NET developers new to Mono/Linux would be to provide 
> guidelines from experienced hackers who have been there.
> Have I missed something (more than possible)? Does such a document already 
> exist? Is there an unwritten convention in use?
> Jonathan
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