[MonoDevelop] Re: #Develop UI porting

Mike Krueger mike@icsharpcode.net
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 20:22:38 +0100


> You spent a great deal of time and energy looking at porting the UI of 
> #Develop from S.W.F to #WT last year. I'm not currently hacking, but 
> I've got a few questions for you:
> * How clearly defined is the separation of the UI from the rest of the 
> design?

I hope that the separation is good but unfortunately there are some 
'dialog' boxes which are used in some cases in non-gui code ... but at 
least I tried to separate the GUI from the
rest. This is why I hope that much code hasn't to do with the GUI ... 
but I bet that during the port the non GUI codebase could be extended.

> * Are there any plans to make a "pluggable UI design" in #Develop?

There was but currently there isn't many done in this area. This would 
only be possible if we write a layer between the gui framework and the 
#D code ... we tried it with the #WT
project but the workload got too heavy. I would say that it might be 
better to focus on one platform and maybe exchange code with the other 
platform of #D.

> * Do you have any comments/suggestions which you can give to the guys 
> here doing the Gtk# port? Is there anything they should pay attention to?

I whish them much luck maybe I could switch back to linux when the GTK# 
port is stable :) (I would love to) ... if they want change something they
should do this or give me inputs maybe we can work something out. They 
should port a 'small #D' first ... the structure is highly component 
After the initial port of the small #D the rest should go easy.