[MonoDevelop] Request for Mission Statement

Jonathan Darrer jondarrer@hotmail.com
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 17:34:46 +0000

Thanks for the reply, Todd. I appreciate the brief history. :)

In summary, then, the _basic_ idea is to port the User Interface of #Develop 
from SWF to Gtk#, and allow for Mono (read Mono/.NET/DotGNU/etc...) to be 
used as the runtime, thus making a cross platform, .NET IDE.


>From: Todd Berman <tberman@gentoo.org>
>	I addressed Chris' email just a minute ago, but I feel this is worth a
>response as well.
>Comments inline.
>On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 07:43, Jonathan Darrer wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > This morning Chris asked a question about which platforms/runtimes the 
> > would be targeted at - I have some basic questions too. I think a good
> > solution would be to have some sort of mission statement. Answers to
> > questions, such as the following, would go a long way towards focusing
> > efforts and clearing confusion (not to mention introduction to the
> > project...):
> > * What is the main purpose of the project?
>Basically, to provide a usable IDE for C# developers running on any .net
>platform using Gtk# as the toolkit (great crossplatformability (hah, is
>that a word?))
>Secondary to this is to provide a platform for other components sorely
>needed (a mono debugger gui tiein, a nice gtk# aware forms designer,
>etc, etc).
>Just as a brief bit of history:
>Initially when miguel and I were speaking about this project, we quickly
>realized we had two basic ways to go. 1) Start from scratch 2) Port
>existing work. We quickly abandoned starting from scratch (although, I
>will admit, the idea did appeal to me in a sick twisted sort of way ;)
>). Now, once we realized we were heading down the Porting aisle, we
>looked at our available options. We had a couple 'known' requirements at
>that point:
>#1) Must use Gtk# (We both felt more comfortable with it, and thats just
>our preference).
>#2) Must be in C# (duh).
>#3) Must be as crossplatform as possible (Why restrict our audience?).
>We felt that porting #D over say, extending/porting anjuta or any other
>existing C gtk+ linux gui, would be a far easier and more manageable
>task, as the core logic is quality C# no matter what toolkit you stick
>on top of it.
>After examining all of these options, we decided to try to port over
>just the text editor widget from SWF to Gtk# as a test to see what kinda
>ride we were getting into. Miguel then left for his brazilian vacation
>and another hacker, pedro joined me in the port. We made pretty quick
>progress and by the time miguel even found an internet connection down
>there, we were pretty heavy onto the idea of porting #D.
> > * Who is the IDE targeted at, primarily?
>Everyone who might need an IDE.
> > * What main features should it incorporate?
>That is something that needs to be addressed by the users as well as the
>developers over the next little bit.
> >
> > I realise it's still pretty much early days, and the answers to these
> > questions are likely to change as the project develops. While they are
> > current (and the answers well thought out), these kinds of documents can 
> > really useful.
> >
> > I guess my interest lies in the development of the Website, but this 
>sort of
> > information should prove useful to all. Todd, I'll mail you regarding 
> > Website.
> >
> > Jonathan
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