[MonoDevelop] Request for Mission Statement

Jonathan Darrer jondarrer@hotmail.com
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 12:43:31 +0000

Hi all,

This morning Chris asked a question about which platforms/runtimes the IDE 
would be targeted at - I have some basic questions too. I think a good 
solution would be to have some sort of mission statement. Answers to 
questions, such as the following, would go a long way towards focusing 
efforts and clearing confusion (not to mention introduction to the 
* What is the main purpose of the project?
* Who is the IDE targeted at, primarily?
* What main features should it incorporate?

I realise it's still pretty much early days, and the answers to these 
questions are likely to change as the project develops. While they are 
current (and the answers well thought out), these kinds of documents can be 
really useful.

I guess my interest lies in the development of the Website, but this sort of 
information should prove useful to all. Todd, I'll mail you regarding the 


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