[MonoDevelop] Re: Monodevelop on windows

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:51:25 -0600

Matt Philmon wrote:

>Monodevelop began as a port of #Develop. If you want to work on Windows just
>use #Develop for now. I guess I just don't understand the need for
>Monodevelop on Windows. Is it because you want to use GTK+ for writing your
>GUI instead of Winforms? I guess I just don't get it. Personally I use
>Visual Studio.NET 2003 on Windows and MonoDevelop on Linux. On Windows you
>will have the Microsoft .NET framework installed anyway. This is basically
>guaranteed these days since Microsoft bundles it with so many applications
>and updates these days. Since code with .NET your code is interpreted the
>first time it's run you can even do all your development in Windows (if you
>want). Once Mono is fully implemented you don't even have to recompile the
>code to make it run under Linux as long as it's completely managed code.
>That said, I LOVE Monodevelop and what it brings to Linux... I just don't
>get the need for Windows support with so many options already there.
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Mono as an SDK already offers a lot of things that .NET does not.  If 
parts of Mono are compatible with MS .NET and you want to use it that is 
a good thing.  I have certainly made that my most recent objective as 
you may have noticed by Prj2make Visual Studio Add-in, the Gtk# 
installers for .NET Framework SDK and Runtime and the Gtk# Referece for 
MS Help 2.0.

Perhaps what I am trying to say is that I can see my self deploying to 
platforms and shops that only do Windows 2000 and do not have .NET 
Framework.  We, the Mono community, already have a very strong showing 
in Win32 that can complement .NET Framework, but let us not confuse that 
with a "need" for the .NET Framework from Microsoft.  #Develop is a fine 
product but it requires .NET Framework and the #Develop team has their 
own agenda, goals and vision that may or may not coincide with the 
MonoDevelop IDE.

I for one see a strong need to have a "Complete" toolkit that is fully 
cross platform.  This toolkit would be MonoDoc, MonoDevelop and a lot of 
tools that we have not even written yet (Mono Community version of XLM 
Spy for example).

I can see that if folks only saw the Mono Project as a clone or second 
fiddle to Microsoft .NET there would be no need to expect innovations to 
come from Mono and the Linux/Mac OS X side of the house and to see it 
enrich the Windows platforms (Pocket PC, Tablet PC, Windows XP, Windows 
2K, Windows 2k3 and the upcoming Longhorn).